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15 Jun 2014, in Design

United Verses “An Anthology”

Recently I was asked to help with design and layout for a collection of poems by ex-pats and locals living in Shanghai.  The idea is masterminded by Tom Mangione who is a talented poet, musician and all-around good guy who coincidentally is co-lead vocalist for local Shanghai band “The Horde”.  The layout and design is very simple and has recently been released. Copies should be available on the ground and possibly through the United Verses website here.

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09 Feb 2014, in Art

DALeast Street Art

Just discovered an amazing Graff/Street artist called DALeast. Hailing from China and apparently based in South Africa DALeast’s work mainly depicts animals in a squiggly 3D style. Check his website here.

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27 Jan 2014, in Art, Cartoon

Getting back to basics

Recently I’ve been confined to lying down as I stupidly put my back out last week. It really sucks not being able to move around normally and apart from watching a ton of movies (a heap of Oscar screeners out now :) and catching up on video games I haven’t managed to do much at all.