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  • daleast-cmelun-france2011
  • daleast-7-01miami-usa2012
  • daleast-abiding-in-the-broken-heartmalaga-spain2013
  • daleast-abiding-in-the-broken-heartmalaga-spain2013b
  • daleast-abiding-in-the-broken-heartmalaga-spain2013p
  • daleast-abscission-honolulu-hawaii2013photoby-brandon-shigeta
  • daleast-adagio-assailos-angeles-usa2013
  • daleast-tkofrochester-usa2013photo-by-mark-deff
  • daleast-dash_moon_stavanger-norway2013
  • daleast-deer-parkcape-townsouth-africa2012
  • daleast-discount-evolutionrochester-ny-usa.2012.7.a.
  • daleast-eclipse-of-the-halomiami-usa201211
  • daleast-meteors-lnew-york-city-usa2012
  • daleast-no.108-tin-town-south-africa.2012.7
  • daleast-osteoplasty.cmiami-usa2012m
  • daleast-rug-amiami-usa2012
  • daleast-tkofrochester-usa2013lphoto-by-mark-deff
  • daleast-vienna-austria2013r
  • daleastlondondare-wall1londonuk2013
  • daleastlondondare-wall4londonuk2013
09 Feb 2014, in Art

DALeast Street Art

Just discovered an amazing Graff/Street artist called DALeast. Hailing from China and apparently based in South Africa DALeast’s work mainly depicts animals in a squiggly 3D style. Check his website here.

  • Pencil Sketch
  • cbb2
27 Jan 2014, in Art, Cartoon

Getting back to basics

Recently I’ve been confined to lying down as I stupidly put my back out last week. It really sucks not being able to move around normally and apart from watching a ton of movies (a heap of Oscar screeners out now :) and catching up on video games I haven’t managed to do much at all.