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Dodgy power in Shanghai

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Dodgy power in Shanghai

Well this seems to happen alot and in a lot of places.  Erratic, inconsistent power supply!  I was at a gig lastnight down at Glamour Bar and one of the lads who was playing with his keyboard and Ableton had glitchy bugs popping up, keys not registering and it was most likely due to power problems.  Tonight at home everything on the right side of my room turns off.  I had just plugged in my Heatpress T-Shirt machine which truthfully does generate a lot of heat and is probably quite watt-intensive.  Still.. It turns on, starts to heat up then clicks off, then everything clicks off.  The main circuitbreaker was fine, when I reached down to the power outlet in the wall however the part of the wall was very hot and the cable leading to the machine was also really hot.

I think its this crap building and dodgy wiring by the guy who renovated our apartment.  In my last apartment I didn’t really experience too many problems with the power but this place is just shit.  Now I have to wait for heat platten to cool down so I can move it into the living room and try powering it up again through a new power outlet. Bollocks.

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