Johnny Haru | Swiss Week 2014
swiss week, Swiss Delice, chocolate, Shanghai, China, Spin and win

Swiss Week 2014

Design | Flash | Identity

Booth Layout + Design
ID / Lanyards
Flash Game Design

Design, Identity


Shanghai’s annual “Swiss Week” promotion took place between May 28th and June 2nd 2014.

Working for the Swiss Delice confectionary brand I created plans for event execution on site, artwork, signage, print collateral and interactive game design for the promotion. Our concept: “Spin and Win” increased interaction between the visitors and the Swiss Delice brand by creating a casino style game environment using video monitors where people could use their smart phones and social media to win prizes.



prizes won


increase in Weibo and WeChat traffic


When a match of 3 products or more was captured on the user’s smartphone they could upload the picture to their Weibo or Weixin account and win a number of different Swiss Delice confectionary prizes. This became an engaging, exciting and fun way to use game mechanics and social media to reward visitors and to create greater awareness of both the brand and its new range of products in the local market.

All accompanying print collateral and signage was also created to reinforce and remain consistent with the brands current look.